Wednesday, 21 September 2016

St Mary's Church, St Mary's/Jervis St, Heraldry - The Church Cafe Bar & Restaurant

The Church Café, Bar & Restaurant is now operating in what used to be the early 18th century Church of Ireland of St Mary's located at the corner of St Mary Street and Jervis Street in Dublin.

There is a good history of the church given on the cafe's website:

And the memorials can all be viewed on:

One or two of the coats of arms may not feature that well in the photographs so that is all that we can add here.


On the death of Queen Anne, the new King George I removed her Irish judges en bloc. Nutley's patron the Duke of Ormonde nominated him to be deputy steward of Westminster Abbey, but the Dean and Chapter of Westminster vetoed the appointment, and he returned to his practice at the Irish Bar. James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde was Nutley's most powerful patron.

Ormonde's defection to the Jacobite cause, which caused his flight to France in August 1715 and the end of his career, was a great blow to Nutley. It was anticipated, wrongly, that he would follow Ormonde into exile, but it seems that his own political beliefs were not sufficiently strong for him to give up what was still, despite his loss of office, a comfortable enough life in Dublin. 

In 1716 the old controversy between Dublin Corporation and the Crown was revived. Nutley was examined by the Irish House of Commons on the report he had signed in 1712-3. He insisted that he had acted impartially, but the Commons passed a resolution recommending that he be impeached. The issue quickly died down : no further action was taken against Nutley, and in 1723 it was suggested that he might be reappointed to the Bench, although nothing came of this.
He died in Dublin of appendicitis in 1729 and was buried in St Mary's Church, Dublin. He married his beloved wife Phillipa Venables in 1708.


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