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Heraldry at Multyfarnham

This Franciscan Abbey is the only church in the midlands which continues to function as a Catholic church for more than 700 years. It has had a turbulent history until its present restoration began in 1973. The Franciscan friars arrived in the area around 1238 at the invitation of some Norman families. The Abbey, built in 1268 by William Delamer, continues to serve its ancient purpose. The friars today serve the spiritual and pastoral needs of the people both locally and beyond the confines of Co. Westmeath. My friend Fr John Hogan is moving as P.P. to the Parish of Multyfarnham and he will be based at the Parish Church on the village main street. Also in the parish is Leny Chapel. We wish Fr John and all the parishioners well.

Returning to the Abbey church.

A plaque with the Delamar crest and arms along with a Latin inscription that translates as 'William Delamar Esquire erected this tomb for himself and his family A.D. 1684. Whose predecessor William delamar of Streete, a soldier , founded and built this monastery A.D. 1306

The arms and crest of Delamar

A copy of the arms and inscription on the Delamar gravestone.

The Latin inscription on the Delamar gravestone 

Gravestone of Dr Matthew Gaffney

The gravestone of Dr Matthew Gaffney 1838-1909 at Multyfarnham carries the arms of the Meath Diocese.

Arms of Meath Diocese

Another memorial contains five Nugent impaled shields. It was erected at the expense of James Nugent, son of Richard Nugent of Dunower/Dunouer (Donore). The pairs of initials above the five shields are:

A.N. : T.N.  (Nugent impaling Nangle)
W.N. : M.T. (Nugent impaling Tuite)
I.N. : E.N. (Nugent impaling Nugent)
R.N. : M.B. (Nugent impaling Barnewall)
A.N. : E.P. (Nugent impaling Plunkett)

The partial following pedigree is taken from  The Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and baronetage of the British Empire by John Burke, 1839, 6th edition published in London, page 786.

I have ordered the pairs above to match a section of the following pedigree

Andrew Nugent =
Walter Nugent = Dillon
James Nugent =
Richard Nugent = Maud Barnewall
Andrew Nugent = Elinor Plunkett

Perhaps my linking the five impaled arms with the five generations from Donore may not be correct but it seems likely that the Plunkett and Barnewall shields are correct given that the initials match as well.

A drawing of the memorial containing the five impaled Nugent shields

The actual memorial containing the five shields

The impaled arms of Nugent and Barnewall at Multyfarnham

The impaled arms of Nugent and Tuite at Multyfarnham

The next Nugent memorial is for Christopher Nugent and his wife, Anna Cusack 1629.  A photograph of the memorial follows along with a drawing also to be seen at Multyfarnham.

The impaled arms of Nugent and Cusack along with the 1629 inscription.

The impaled Nugent and Cusack arms.

The following ornate headstone is also in the church and it carries two IHS monograms along with an INRI one. I am not sure to whom the headstone is dedicated. 

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