Friday, 29 July 2016

Heraldry at Monkstown - Betham

The Church of Ireland contains many interesting monuments and stained-glass windows. We start with window containing a panel to Sir William Betham (1779-1853), the Ulster King of Arms.

The Betham Panel

The impaled arms of Betham (quartered) along with those of Crampton

The six quarters in Betham are 1. Betham, 2. Fitzroger 3. Burton 4. Ban(n)ister, 5. Dam(m)ant, 6. Betham

The Betham Crest

Quis Seperabit MDCCLXXXIII (1783)

Betham was born at Stradbroke in Suffolk on 22 May 1779, the eldest son, by his wife Mary Damant, of Revd William Betham (1749–1839) a clergyman and antiquarian, and author of the five volume work The Baronetage of England, or the History of the English Baronets, and such Baronets of Scotland as are of English Families, with Genealogical Tables and Engravings of their Armorial Bearings, published 1801-1805.
The arms of Banister, Fitzroger, Burton are explain from ancient Betham marriages:

The other two panels on the window relate to Richard Jordan, Rich View Monkstown and his wife Ellen. I'm not sure what her maiden name is but the Ermine and Lion rampant gules could suggest Jennings.

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