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Westport House - Heraldry

Westport House is treasure trove of heraldic delights and conundra!

Starting outside the sixteen quartered coat of arms that decorates one of the smaller buildings poses offers interesting insights into the Montagu(e) ancestry that was also accepted to be that of the Brownes..

For many generations family tradition accepted that the Brownes of the Neale and Westport were descended from the Brownes of Cowdray Castle and Battle Abbey, Sussex, who were known by the title Viscount Montague. The 6th and 8th Marquesses of Sligo did some research on this subject in the early 20th century, but their descent from the Viscount Montague has never been proven. In 1896 the 7th Earl of Egmont, whose uncle had bought Cowdray Castle in 1843, gave items from Cowdray to the 6th Marquess and some of these remain in the collection (see the inscription in the front of the Cowdray game book MS 41,101/6). To the present day a room, open to the public at Westport House, continues to maintain the connection with a display of Montague memorabilia.

Taken from:

The multi-quartered arms at Westport.

The identification of the arms are:
(the numbers in square brackets are the quarters in reference given below)

1. Browne
2. Fitzalan quartering Maltravers
3. Neville                                                                                                       x [4]
4. Montagu(e)                                                                                                x [5]
5. Monthermer                                                                                               x [6]
6. Holland                                                                                                      x [8]
7. Plantagenet for Edmund Plantagenet of Woodstock, Earl of Kent           x [9]
8. Unidentified
9. Unidentified
10. Ingoldsthorpe/Ingaldsthorpe
11. Pole                                                                                                          x [11]
12. De Burgh                                                                                                  x [12]          
13. Bradston                                                                                                   x [13]
14. Tiptoft                                                                                                      x [7]
15. Badlesmere
16. Charlton                                                                                                   x [10]

ten of these quarters were found as part of the quartered arms of Framlington on the East Window at Hadleigh Church in ?????
The quarters in square brackets above are those in the Framlington reference. These are found at page 123 on the book about Hadleigh:

1st quarter at Westport contains the arms of Browne:

The 2nd quarter at Westport contains the quartered arms of Fitzalan and Maltravers:

The 10th quarter at Westport is Ingaldesthorp(e)/Ingoldesthorpe:

The 15th quarter at Westport is Badlesmere:

The following quarters are given in Cracroft:

The following quartered arms on Garter stall plate of John [Neville], 1st Marquess of Montagu, KG
are given in:

Lord Montagu bears on his stall plate his father's arms differenced by a gimmel ring, with an escutcheon of pretence of the arms of his wife, Isabel, daughter and heir of Sir Edmund Ingaldesthorpe, of Borough Green, co. Cambridge. Sir Edmund was son and heir of Sir Thomas Ingaldesthorpe by Margaret, daughter and heir of Sir Walter de la Pole by Elizabeth, only daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Bradestone, who married Adela de Burgh. The four quarters of the escutcheon are thus accounted for. The next image is taken from:

The details of how some of the various families fit into the ancestry of the Montagu family follows:


The next item of interest is a book plate dated 1916. It is the bookplate of Ulick Browne, 6th Marquess of Sligo that carries 8 quarters along with an inescutcheon of pretence for his wife Agatha Hodgson. 


or do a Google Search

John Denis Browne, 3rd Earl of Altamont later 1st Marquess of Sligo, 1st son of Peter Browne, 2nd Earl of Altamont, by his wife Elizabeth Kelly, only daughter and heiress of Denis Kelly, of Lisduffe, Co. Galway, and of Spring Garden, Co. Mayo, formerly Chief Justice of Jamaica born 11 Jun 1756 married 21 May 1787 Lady Louisa Catherine Howe (b. 9 Dec 1767; mar. (2) 10 Apr 1813 William Scott, 1st Baron Stowell;  d. 20 Aug 1817), 3rd daughter and coheiress of Richard Howe, 1st Earl Howe, by his wife Mary Hartopp, 2nd daughter and coheiress of Chiverton Hartopp, of Welby, Co. Leicester. Admiral Richard Howe, 1st and last Earl Howe was born on 19 March 1725/26. He was the son of Emanuel Scrope Howe and Mary Sophia Charlotte Kielmansegge. Emanuel Scrope Howe, born circa 1699.  

He was the son of Scrope Howe, 1st Viscount Howe and Hon Juliana Alington.  Scrope Howe, born in November 1648. He was the son of John Grubham Howe and Lady Arabella Scrope.  John Grubham Howe was the son of Sir John Howe, 1st Bt and Bridget Rich. Sir John Howe was son of John Howe who married Jane, daughter of Nicholas Grubham, Co Somerset.

In 1771 John Browne (c. 1709-76) Viscount Westport became Earl of Altamont during the reign of George III. Viscount Townshead, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (from 1767-72) was in that post in 1771 and both the arms of Townshend and Browne are depicted in the official patent at Westport House.

The arms of Townshend and Browne at Westport.

In 1800 John Dennis Browne (1756-1809) Earl of Altamont became Marquess of Sligo during the reign of George III. The Marquess Cornwallis, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (from 1798-1801) was in that post in 1800 and both the arms of Cornwallis and Browne are depicted in the official patent at Westport House.

The arms of Cornwallis and Browne at Westport.

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