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Heraldry at Tullynally

The County Louth Archaeological & Historical Society visited Tullynally on 2nd July 2016 and a visit is recommended. Lady Pakenham and the guide there, Bartle D'arcy were very welcoming.

                                                              Tullynally Hosue, Co Westmeath

The Tullynally House and Gardens Website is well worth a visit:

For those interested in heraldry, the family pedigrees along with arms are carefully displayed in the great hall. The Pakenhams descend from King Edward I of England. King Edward's daughter, Joan married Gilbert de Clare. Their daughter Elizabeth de Clare married Theobald de Verdon. Their daughter Isabel de Verdon married Henry Lord Ferrars. From this couple descended Elizabeth Ferrars who married Sir Edward Grey. From them descended Elizabeth Grey who married Gerald Fitzgerald, 9th Earl of Kildare, his granddaughter Douglas Fitzgerald married Sir Francis Aungier, grandparents of Alice Aungier whom we meet below.

The quartered arms carried by the Pakenham family represent the Pakenham, Cuffe, Aungier and Boyle families and are given in the General Armory (1884) by Sir Bernard Burke as follows:

The Cuffe crest is given as: An arm in armour embowed proper, the hand holding a (broken) staff of a tilting spear or.

The arms are in the great hall along with the supporters, family crest and motto, resemble the above quartered arms of the families, Pakenham, Cuffe, Aungier and Boyle. An outline as to how these families fit together follows. See also:

 Elizabeth Cuffe (1719-94) married Thomas Pakenham and she was 1st Countess of Longford.

She was the daughter of Michael Cuffe M.P. (born in 1694) for Co Mayo and of Frances Sandford, daughter of Henry Sandford, of Castlerea. Her grandfather was Francis Cuffe who married Honoria Boyle, granddaughter of Revd Richard Boyle, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross (1620-38). She was the great-granddaughter of Sir James Cuffe by his wife Alice Aungier, sister and heiress of Francis Aungier, 1st Earl of Longford, and daughter of Ambrose Aungier, 2nd Earl of Longford, of the first creation. Lady Longford married Thomas Pakenham, son of Edward Pakenham, in 1740. In 1756 the Longford title held by her ancestors was revived when her husband was created Baron Longford in the Peerage of Ireland. In 1785 the earldom was also revived when Lady Longford was created Countess of Longford in the Irish peerage in her own right. Lord Longford died in April 1766, aged 52. Lady Longford survived him by almost thirty years and died in January 1794, aged 74. She was succeeded in the earldom by her grandson, Thomas, her eldest son Edward having predeceased her.

The achievement of arms of Pakenham over the main door at Tullynally

The carriage now at Tullynally

The coat of arms on the door suggests it was owned by the Strokestown branch. The arms on the door are Pakenham, and Sandford impaling the arms of Mahon. Henry Sandford Pakenham Mahon was a son of Revd Hon Henry Pakenham and Elizabeth Sandford. Henry Pakenham was son of Edward Pakenham, 2nd Earl of Longford. Henry Sandford Pakenham married Grace Mahon and as shown below, in 1847 he assume the additional surname and arms of Mahon. 

The arms of Pakenham & Sandford impaling those of Mahon

The Carew Achievement of Arms

I visited an auction held at Tullynally in 2012 and the above was sold.

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