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Second Bellew Reunion at Barmeath 2007

Second Bellew Reunion (Tuesday July 31st 2007) Barmeath, Dunleer, Co Louth

Bellew arms at Barmeath

Bellew Crest at Barmeath

The Red Hand (for a Baronet) at Barmeath

The reunion started with Lunch in the Monasterboice Inn for those who were travelling or simply wished to make a day of it! After being wined and dined it is was off to Monasterboice for a quick visit to see the round tower, the high crosses and the Bellew grave stones of the Hamlinstown family and Coolfore family. 

The Coolfore stone was ‘Erected by James Bellew of Coolfore in memory of his Father Patrick Bellew & of his wife Mary Farrell who depad this life Novr 1817 Aged 52 yrs’ these were the forebears of Seamus & Louise from Bellewstown.

 Then it was off to Barmeath where the rest of the gathering had assembled. The arrival of Harold O’ Sullivan heralded the start of proceedings. Seamus thanked Bryan & Rosemary for their hospitality and Bryan welcomed everybody and thanked them for coming and then handed over to Harold who gave a very interesting talk on the Bellew’s contribution to Irish life since their arrival with the Normans with Hugh De Lacy around 1200 through the Cromwellian times and onto the Williamite War where the family had a regiment and John was shot at Aughrim. Harold also outlined their contribution to Education in the nineteenth century where Montesquieu Bellew of Barmeath was instrumental in setting up the system in Ireland. They also played a key role in Catholic Emancipation. Harold mentioned John (1605-79) in particular where his adept legal skills meant he was never out manoeuvred, in particular in relation to land.

A walk in the gardens at Barmeath on another occasion

Seamus had a presentation ready that mentioned the various families represented at the gathering from Armagh, Galway, Louth, Meath and Sheffield. Also some of the sites of Bellew interest, however he got Francie’s photo mixed up! Bryan then took two groups on tour of the house.

Next it was time for the photograph(s), to organise a group of fifty was a bit like one of those EU gatherings.

Everyone well spruced up for the photocall!

The West's Awake

Armagh outstanding in their field

Meath out in force

Louth on the home turf

Barmeath - Dundalk and England

Chris, Seamus Patsie

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