Friday, 21 July 2017

KIlmessan - Preston - Noy - Noye Heraldry

The arms of Preston and Noy

The Church of Ireland at Kilmessan, Co Meath has an interesting monument to Major General Arthur Preston who died in 1788. He married on 16 November 1758, Anne, daughter of Edward Noy  of Newbrook, Co Dublin. The coat of arms has an interesting inescutcheon of pretence for Arthur's wife, Anne Noy. It is not the 'usual' Noy coat of arms, the Noy blazon follows. The arms at Kilmessan appear to have Noah's ark and this would suggest a pun on Noy.


The Monument to Arthur and Anne Preston

Arthur Preston was a member of the Swainston (near Kilmessan) family and Anne Noy was daughter of Edward Noy of Newbrook, Co Dublin. As you see below the Noy residence later became Edenmore House and subsequently St Joseph's Hospital in Raheny. Meanwhile at Kilmessan, the other Preston monument to Arthur John who died in 1915 at Gallipoli contains the insignia of his regiment and the Preston family crest of a fox.

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