Sunday, 21 August 2016

Barr Coat of Arms

European Bronze Champion 2018

The performance by Thomas Barr in August 2016 at the Olympics with his sub 48 second 400 metres hurdle performance was inspirational.

This is the official description of the arms. Azure (blue) is the background colour. The eagle is displayed in argent (silver metal that appears as white). The fess or middle band is sable (black) and it is charged with two mullets (stars) that are or (gold metal that appears as yellow)

This is the reference for the Barr arms.

Flight, Barr and barr once owned the famous Worcester Porcelain Company.

Looking online for various examples of heraldry on porcelain by the company, various interesting examples can be found. A set containing 'Irish Arms' owned by Mrs Imelda (Ferdinand) Marcos in the Philippines came up for sale by 1stdibs. At the time the company did not identify the arms but readers of these pages will immediately realise that the arms were those of the Somerville of Athlumney (near Kentstown) 

The link with the page on the article on Somerville family (originally penned in 2011 for Riocht na Midhe) can be found here:

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