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Brooke Heraldry at Colebrooke

A few years ago the Clogher Historical Society visited Colebrooke House and Church near Brookeborough in Co Fermanagh.

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The stained-glass window at Colebrooke House has a multiquartered coat of arms that also features in the church as shown below.

Colebrooke House

Sir Arthur Brinsley Brooke died in 1854 aged 58. He was married to Julia Henrietta Anson, daughter of Sir George Anson (1769-49). Sir George was son of George Anson (1731-89). This latter George was born George Adams in 1731 and legally changed his surname to Anson after inheriting the Shugborough estate from his cousin. He was son of Sambrooke Adams and Janetta Anson. Sambrooke Adams appears to have been of Obadiah Adams and Frances Adams who was Frances Sambrooke, daughter and heiress of Francis Sambrooke of Sambrooke.

George Sambrook sold land to Obadiah Adams, grandson of Abdias Adams (1605-95) and Ellen Jervis of Cheswardine, now Cheswardine. In 1702 Sambrook Manor was built by Obadiah and Frances Adams, Frances was daughter and heiress of Francis Sambrook of Sambrook. Abdias Adams (1605-95) married Ellen Jervis who had two sons Robert and John. Richard Adams (1567-1641of Edgmond, was the father of John, Abdias, and Francis

Janetta Anson was daughter of William Anson and Isabella Carrier.

The following shows the Adams, Sambrooke, Anson and Carrier Connections.

The table does not include:
Frances Sambrooke wife of Obadiah Adams
Isabella Carrier wife of William Anson

The Heraldry associated with the four families is:
three bends for Anson
three cats for Adams
three salmon for Sambrooke
three spears and bend for Carrier

The quartered arms of Anson, Adams, Sambrooke and Carrier.

          The impaled arms of Brooke and Anson on the Monument to Sir Arthur Brinsley Brooke (d. 1858) at Colebtooke, Co Fermanagh.

The Brooke arms are quartered with Cole
The Anson arms are quartered with Adams, Sambrooke and Carrier as shown above in colour.

Sir Arthur Brinsley Brooke was son of Sir Henry Brooke and Harriet, daughter of Hon John Butler, their impaled are on the next monument. Sir Henry was descended from Major Thomas Brooke (d. 1696) and Catherine Cole, daughter of Sir John Cole M.P. for Co Fermanagh.

The Brooke Flag at Colebrooke Church

The Brooke crest on Colebrooke House.

Broc is the Irish for badger.

The monument to Sir Arthur Brinsley Brooke (d. 1858)

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