Sunday, 24 July 2011

Heraldry Ross Errilly

Both Luke Wadding and the Four Masters (who refer to Ross Errilly in their Annals as Ros-Oirbhealagh) record that the abbey was founded in 1351, but this date has been called into question by numerous historians. Architectural cues and documentary evidence have given rise to a modern consensus that the friary was founded sometime in the middle of the 15th century, perhaps around 1460.[2] The first documentary evidence of a religious community at the site appears in the will of a local man that has been dated to either 1468 or 1469.[3][4] In any case, it is clear from the architectural evidence that any religious building that may have been on the site prior to that time was greatly expanded during the 15th century. Around 1473, a delegation of Franciscans from Ross Errilly went to Donegal at the request of the Tyrconnell clan and founded the Donegal Friary, where the Four Masters would later write their famous Annals.

The Burke coat of arms has the "Lynch" shamrocks/trefoils so this shield is actually meant to be an impaled shield judging from the inscription beneath 'God be merciful to souls of Ulick Burke his wife Kate Lynch son to John Burke of Castlehackett and ...

The inscription for the next coat of arms is presumably for Mc or Mac Domhnaill, it is difficult to see the Mac part, Armas Cloirine?? Domhnaill 1646

The next coat of arms carries the impaled arms of Tasburgh and Lynch. The inscription is unusual in that it gives the blazon/description of the arms.

The arms of ye ancient family of Tasburgh of Tasburgh afterwards of St Peters Hall in ye manor of Southelman? in Suffolk & now of Felixton in ye said county. Argent a chevron between three pilgrims staves furnissee? with straps and belts sable ...


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