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Heraldry at Cam, Co Roscommon

The graveyard at Cam between Ballyforan and Athlone is in Kiltoom - Cam Parish and there are a few gravestones of heraldic interest. 

The ruined church at Cam

A stone containing a face at Cam

The Byrne coat of arms, crest and motto at Cam dated 1820

Underneath there is a motto and the inscription:
This monument was erectd by Daniel Byrne in the year 1820.

The flat headstone nearby reads:
IHS Here lies the body of Patrick | Byrne who died on the 13th of | Octobr 1790? agd 84 yrs | Also the body of his wife Catherine | who died on the second day of | Decbr 1783 aged ?? She lived a | ? of a true Christian. Requiescant in Pace.

The inscription carries on further where Daniel Byrne is mentioned. 

The upright headstone at the other end reads:

IHS The Lord have mercy on the soul of Walter | Byrne the son of Peter | Byrne who departed | this life in the Lord on | the 13th of February 18?? | aged 40 years. Requiescat in Pace. 

The Byrne gravestone at Cam

The arms and crest of McKeogh

The McKeogh inscription reads:
IHS | Pray for the soul of Thomas | Keogh of Killerny? who | departed ys life Anno Domini | 1767 in ye  64 year of his age. | & lies Mullone? his wife | dd Anno Domini 1753 this | moument was erectd by | Doctr Dinis (son) McKeogh of | Shenbiunn ? physican to their | majesties in memory of ye above | & their posterity dated ye 30 | day of May 1767.

Coat od Arms, then

McKeogh, May he rest in peace, Amen.

There are similarities with the arms of O'Neill, for more discussion see:

The final coat of arms at Cam is that of Fallon  on the grave of Daniel Fallon.

The Fallon Coat of arms

A lovely illustrated version appears on Eddie Geoghegan's website, see:

The arms are given as:

The inscription at Cam reads:

IHS (twice) Pray for the soul of Mr Daniel | Fallon of Camma and Catherine | Fallon alias Fitzgerald his wife | who in her life time caused | this monument to be erected | for ... 1st ... & posterity | Anno Domini 1781.

The Fallon inscription at Cam

A gravestone at Cam with an unidentified crest

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