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Heraldry at Ballinloughloe - Mount Temple



                                                      Old Graveslab at Mount Temple

Ballyloughloe or Mount Temple is described as follows in the 1837 topological directory:

There are three gravestones that are of heraldic interest. A local committee are recording the gravestones and they have restored the Bracken monument.

All the Mount Temple photographs on this page are taken by the author.

The first gravestone appears to be that of William Gustavus Adamson as follows: 

                                                The impaled arms of Adamson and Travers.

The arms of Adamson and Travers

This would appear to be the case from the marriage of William Gustavus Adamson in 1758 to Jane Travers daughter of John Travers, Rector of Ballyloughloe and Alice Smyth. See:

The Travers coat of arms can be viewed on various websites. Here we illustrate the version from John Lehman's COADB website, he contributed a guest post as follows:

The second gravestone of heraldic interest is the McAuly one. This gravestone is to Peter McAuly, eldest son of Patrick McAuly of High Bastin who died in 1803. The gravestone was erected by his son William McAuly. 

                                                                  The McAuly Gravestone

The Annals of Ireland: Translated from the Original Irish of the Four Masters by Owen Connellan and Michael O'Clery gives the following on the McAulys or Magawleys. See:

The arms on the McAuly Gravestone

These arms appear to match those of O'Melaughlin or McLaughlin/McLoughlin rather than McAuly.

The arms of O'Melaughlin

The beautifully restored Bracken momument carries a crest, coat of arms and motto. as shown below.  Mary Bracken, alias Coughlan is named on the monument so the crest would appear to refer to Coughlan. 

The crest, coat of arms and motto on the Bracken monument.

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