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More Heraldry at Slane

The new Gandon Room Restaurant opened on Thursday 15th June at Slane Castle.

The coats of arms of de Molyns or Molines (Baron Ventry), Conyngham, Grimston, Lambert, Dennison, Anson, Stanhope (Earl of Harrington) and Paget (Marquess Anglesey) are tastefully displayed at the entrance to the new café and restaurant at Slane. The arms represent various Conyngham marriages including that of Lady Henrietta Conyngham (daughter of Henry Mount Charles) to Thomas Anson, Earl of Lichfield.

The marriages represented by the arms above are listed as follows:

Henry Conyngham, 1st Marquess Conyngham married Elizabeth Dennison

Francis Nathaniel Conyngham, (2nd Marquess)  married Lady Jane Paget, daughter of Henry Paget, 1st Marquess Anglesey

George Conyngham, (3rd Marquess) married Lady Jane Stanhope, daughter of Charles, 4th Earl of Harrington,

George's sister, Lady Farnces Conyngham married Gustavus Lamber of Beauparc.

George's son,

Henry Conyngham (4th Marquess) married Frances Eveleigh-de Molyns, daughter of the 4th Baron of Ventry.

Frederick Conyngham (6th Marquess) married Antoinette Thompson

Frederick Conyngham (7th Marquess) married Eilenn Newsam

Henry Vivien Pierpoint Conyngham (8th Marquess) married first Juliet Ann Kitson; married second Lady Iona Charlotte Grimston

Henry's daughter, Lady Henrietta Tamara Juliet Conyngham is married to Thomas Anson, 6th Earl of Lichfield.

The arms are displayed as follows:

Anson (Earl of Lichfield): Argent three bends engrailed gules, in the sinister chief, a crescent of the last.

Conyngham: Argent a shake fork between three mullets sable.

Dennison (Denison): Ermine a bend azure cottised sable between in chief a unicorn's head erased and in base a cross crosslet fitchy gules.

Gtimston: Argent on a fesse sable three mullets of six points pierced or, in the dexter chief point an ermine spot.

Lambert (Beau Parc): Gules three narcissuses argent pierced of the field.

Paget (Marquess of Anglesey): Sable on a cross engrailed between four eagles displayed argent, five lions guardant of the field.

 Stanhope (Earl of Harrington): Quarterly ermine and gules in the centre a crescent on a crescent for cadency.

de Molyns or Molines (Baron Ventry): Sable on a chief argent three lozenges gules.

For further details on the heraldry associated with Conyngham-Burton-Dennison (Denison) and Butler, please see:

The achievement of arms for Marquess Conyngham are also displayed. Henry Mount Charles became 8th Marquess in 2009.   

When I visited Slane on Sunday 11th June 2017, Lady Iona kindly pointed out the original 1783 Gandon drawings for Slane Castle. These can be seen in the new Restaurant. As the eagle on the horse could not be seen on the photograph, I darkened the original image and then superimposed the eagle on its position on the horse.

Principal Front for Slane Castle, the Seat of Col Cunningham, Gandon Arch. 1783
(Caption on drawing)

? of Slane Castle, County of Meath, Gandon Arch. 1783

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