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Heraldry at Mount Steward, Co Down

Our Society visited Mount Stewart, the house is undergoing major refurbishment inside. There is plenty of interesting heraldry around the house.

Alexander Stewart who was born in 1699 married in 1737 Mary Cowan. Their son was Robert Stewart (1739-1821) was created first Marquess Lomdonderry in 1816. He married first Sarah Seymour, daughter of Francis Seymour Conway, first Marquess Hertford. He married second, Frances Pratt, daughter of the first Earl of Camden. Robert’s son from the second marriage was Charles William Stewart (1778-1854) third Marquess of Londonderry. He married second to Lady Frances Vane Tempest and Charles changed his name by Royal Licence in 1821 to Charles William Vane-Tempest. Lady Frances was daughter of Sir Henry Vane-Tempest who was in turn son of Rev Henry Vane and Frances Tempest. George Vane-Tempest (1821-1884), fifth Marquess was son of Charles William and Lady Frances. George changed his name by Royal Licence in 1851 to George Vane-Tempes-Stewart. He married Mary Edwards and their son was Charles (1852-1915) sixth Marquess.

The quartered arms are 1st: Stewart; 2nd Tempest; 3rd Vane; 4th Stewart. The arms on the right are for Chaplin. 
Charles (1852-1915) sixth Marquess married LadyTheresa Susey Helen Talbot, daughter of Charles John Chetwynd Chetwynd-Talbot, 19th Earl of Shrewsburyand Anna TheresaCockerell, on 2 October 1875. Their son Charles Stewart Henry Vane-Tempest-Stewart (1878-1949), 7th Marquess of Londonderry marriedHon.Edith Helen Chaplin, daughter of Henry Chaplin,1st Viscount Chaplin and LadyFlorence Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, on 28 November 1899.

Stewart arms: Or a bend counter-company argent and azure between two lions rampant gules..
Crest: A dragon statant or.
Tempest arms: Argent a bend engrailed between six martlets sable.
Crest: Griffin's head erased per pale argent and sable beaked gules
Vane: Azure three sinister gauntlets or
Crest: A dexter cubit arm in armour the hand in a gauntlet proper grasping a sword also proper pommelled and hilted or.
Chaplin arms: Ermine, on a chief indented azure three griffins’ heads erased or.

Crest: A griffins’ head erased argent ducally gorged or.

Dexter:a Moor wreathed about the temples Argent and Azure holding in the exterior hand a Shield of the last garnished of the last and charged with a Sun in Splendour Gold;

Sinister:a Lion Or gorged with a Collar Argent charged with three Mullets Sable


Metuenda Corolla Draconis (The dragon's crest is to be feared)

Vane and Stewart quartered arms.
Acknowledgement with thanks Alan Aplin

Quartered arms of Stewart and possibly Neville? and Quartered Steward, tempest, Vane and Tempest arms.
Acknowledgement with thanks Brian Negus

                                                                     Stewart Crest

Chaplin Crest

Stewart Crest


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