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Heraldry at Kilruddery House, Brabazon family

Kilruddery House near Bray, Co Wicklow provides a treasure trove of heraldry. here we will concentrate on the multiquartered coat of arms proving the length families go to in rcalling their illustrious ancestors. Many of the associated families arms are also on stained glass at Bray Hall some of these images also follow.

The multi-quartered arms at the landing of the stairs date from 1684-1704 and these are for Edward Brabazon, 4th Earl who married first to Cecilia Brereton. We know this from the presence of the Brereton shield that is superimposed. This is known as an inescutcheon of pretence for the wife’s arms. There are sixteen other quarters and the arms represent the important families from the pedigree. The Brabazon arms appear twice thus leaving fourteen more to be accounted for.

The Brabazon arms follow:

The arms in the centre, the inescheuton of pretence is for Brereton

Five Quarters associated with Brabazon marriage

The five families are Clifford, Jervis, Hawberk, De Bisset and Moseley all whose arms also appear at Bray Hall.
(Assume the generations are successive going back in time)
Chamber, 5th Earl married 1682 Juliana, only daughter and heiress of Patrick, 2nd Viscount Chaworth.
 (Edward, 4th Earl, a brother, married first Cecilia Brereton and secondly Dorothea Stopford.     
 William, 3rd Earl, brother married 1671 Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Lennard, Lord Dacre.) 
Edward, 2nd Earl married 1682 Mary, daughter of Calcot Chambre of Denbigh Wales and Carnowe, Co Wicklow.
William, 1st Earl married 1607 Jane, daughter of Sir John Bingley
Sir Edward Brabazon, Lord Ardee (1616) married Mary Smyth of Mitcham, Surrey
Sir William Brabazon married Elizabeth, daughter of Nicholas Clifford
John Brabazon married Chawort
John Brabazon married Maud, daughter and heiress of Nicholas Jervis
Nicholas Brabazon living in 23 Henry VI married daughter and heir of Hawberk
John Brabazon was a commander for Edward III, m. a daughter of Harcourt
Thomas Brabazon
Sir William Brabazon married Joan Trussel
Matthew Brabazon
Sir Roger Le Brabazon married Beatrix De Bisset
Thomas Brabazon married Amelia Moseley


Jervis (Brabazon impaling Jervis)


De Bisset


Five Quarters associated with Clifford marriages

The five families are Savage, Clare, Vipont, Ewais and Cundi.

Elizabeth Clifford married first to Sir William Brabazon, father of Sir Edward, Lord Ardee and grandfather of William, 1st Earl of Meath, Elizabeth was heir of:
Nicholas Clifford who was of Sutton-Valence
Lewis Clifford succeeded to the Manor at Kent and was Sheriff of Kent in 13th Year of Henry VII reign.
Alexander Clifford (Kent) married Margaret, dau. of Walter Colepeper, died in 1494.
Lewis Clifford (Bobbing Court, Kent) married Anne, daughter of Lord Molynes.

William Clifford married Eleanor Savage, daughter of Sir Arnold Savage of Bobbing Court. William died in 16th year of Henry VI.
Lewis Clifford who in 31 Edward III (1358) was made a Knight, he was married to Eleanor, daughter of John Lord Delawar.
Roger Clifford who married Maud, daughter of Thomas de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick.
Robert Clifford, born on All Saints Day 1305, was married 2 Edward III (1327 + 2) to Isabel, only daughter to Maurice, Lord Berkeley

Robert Clifford, born about Easter 1274, was slain at the Battle of Stirling or Babbockburn in 1314. He married Maud, daughter and coheir of Thomas de Clare.
Roger Clifford married Isabel, daughter and coheir of Robert de Vipont, Lord of Westmoreland
Roger De Clifford married Sibill, daughter and heir of Robert de Ewias
Walter De Clifford who lived in the reigns of Richard I, John & Henry II married Agnes, daughter Roger, son of Osbert de Cundi, Lord of Covenby. Walter was Sheriff of Herefordshire and died about 1223.






Two Quarters coming from the Vipont line

Roger Clifford married Isabe Vipont, daughter and coheir of Robert de Vipont, Lord of Westmoreland.
Robert Vipont’s wife was Isabel FitzGeoffrey,
and she in turn was daughter of John FitzGeoffrey and Isabel Bigod. Isabel Bigod was a daughter of Hugh le Bigod, 3rd Earl of Norfolk [lived c. 1186-1224]).
John FitzGeoffrey was son of Geoffrey FitzPeter.



Two Quarters coming from the Savage line

William Clifford married Eleanor Savage, daughter of Sir Arnold Savage of Bobbing Court. William died in 16th year of Henry VI.
Sir Arnold Savage is presumably descended from Sir John Savage (died in 1386) and Margaret Daniers daughter of Thomas Daniers. This marriage is on the pedigree at Kilruddery.
‘Sir Thomas Danyers of Bradley within Appleton, Knight, who died AD 1354 was present at the Battle of Cresey the XIVth day of May 1346 and there he rescued the Standard of Edward the Black Prince from the hands of the enemy, and made prisoner the Comte de Tankerville, Chamberlain of the French King.’ From a memorial at Grapplehall, Cheshire. 
The arms of Sir John Savage’s grandfather, Thomas Savage on the Kilruddery pedigree are quartered bearing the last quarter still remaining to be identified! They are likely to be the arms of Thomas Savage’s mother.


Likely arms of Thomas Savage's mother ?

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