Sunday, 26 June 2011

Heraldry at Springhill, Moneymore, Co Derry

Springhill house in Moneymore has been in the ownership of the Lennox-Conyngham family until they handed it over to the National Trust.

Three chairs at Springhill bear the families multiquartered arms

The first one shown here has the multiquartered arms of Conyngham impaling the quartered arms of Staples and Molesworth.

The quartered arms of Conyngham and Lenox

The quartered arms of Hamilton and Arran

The second chair bears the multiquartered arms of Conyngham impaling those of Arbuthnot as follows:

The multiquartered arms of Conyngham impale the quartered arms of Staples and Molesworth on one chair at Springhill while they impale the arms of Arbuthnot on another chair.

The multiquartered arms of Conyngham are:

1st and 4th [quartered: 1st and 4th argent a fesse chequy azure and gules, over all a shake fork sable for Conyngham, and in chief a lion rampant of the third (gules); 2nd and 3rd argent, a saltire indented vert, between four roses gules for Lenox]

2nd and 3rd [quartered: 1st and 4th gules three cinquefoils argent for Hamilton; 2nd and 3rd argent a lymphad sails furled sable, flagged gules for Arran]

Crests: 1. a unicorn’s head argent, armed sable; 2. a demi-lion rampant purpure, armed and langued argent.

Arbuthnot: three mullets and crescent

Staples: on a fess ermines three hurts two goats heads erased argent

Molesworth: vaire, a bordure gules charged with eight charged with eight cross crosslets argent

William Arbuthnot Lennox Conyngham = (1932) Mina Ethel Lowry

Sir William Fitzherbert Lennox Conyngham = Laura Arbuthnot

dau of John Staples (Lisson) and Harriet Molesworth

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